Zorbit’s Math Adventure by Best Boy Entertainment

Zorbit’s Math Adventure by Best Boy Entertainment is a math education app geared for the younger learners. Unlike many apps in this category this educational app does not completely consist of math drills.

All the activities are centered around preparing and traveling to space. The activities are varied, and many very engaging. I found some of the activities a bit too long, but I suspect there are plenty of children where this will not be a problem. All the activities have an element of math or have a math drill built into them.

The game is beautifully illustrated. The sounds effects and music are unique, although slightly repetitive for the parents’ ears.

Zorbit’s Math Adventure is an excellent addition to a child’s math app collection, especially if they are into adventure and space. And what kid isn’t?

It is available only in the Apple App Store for $3.99. I tested on a iPhone; and the app was provided for free by the publisher. It doesn’t need an internet connection and has no ads or in app purchases.