Monkey Math – Jetpack Adventure by GiggleUp.

Who doesn’t like monkeys? Especially flying monkeys! Monkey Math by GiggleUp is a math educational app where a flying monkey avoids obstacles, shoots down enemies with bananas, and collects coins. All these activities have to be performed by answering math problems.

The graphics and animations are great, the music is ok (it might get annoying to parents after a while), and the game is actually fun to play (even for me). The story behind the game is nicely narrated using comic strips illustrations. The app supports multiple users and keeps track of each child’s progress.

As far as dislikes, the app does have an in-app store that is fairly easy to get to.

If you are into doing math drills with your child, and want an app that does that and provides some entertainment value then this might be the app for you. Since a free version of the app exists, you can always try it before you buy it. I tested it on my full size iPad. No android version exists. It works offline. The app was reviewed at the request of the publisher, and is available in the Apple App Store for $2.99.