Out-A-Bout by Fred Rogers Center at Saint Vincent College

Almost every year somebody tries to sell me one those customs books where they make your child part of the story. Imagine an app that does the same thing. Available only on the Apple App Store this apps tries to do just that. By using the phone camera and prompting you to tell your child to perform certain activities, it weaves those pictures in a story.

The app is free. It starts by asking the child’s name and choosing a color; and it uses the color for the border. From the start there are slight usability issues: the keyboard blocks the ability to select the color. But unfortunately things get much worse. I tried it on the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2 and on both devices it would crash after customizing the third or fourth page of the book. You can restart it and it will read the entire book including the pages that were not customize.

Great concept, but sadly it will leave you and your child frustrated. I would pass on this app until an update addresses the crashing issue.