Bugaboo Flash Cards by Bugaboo Games

Another educational math game from Bugaboo Games. The app consists of equations that have the missing answer. The child gets to pick the correct answer from the ones presented on the bottom of the screen.

The game has decent graphics and non-irritating sounds effects make this flash card game acceptable. For those that still don’t have a math flash card app, this one could help your child with math facts (especially if they are tested often at school). As for dislikes, I wish the app could track progress for multiple children.

The app is available on the Amazon App, Google Play and Nook store. A free/lite version exists, no in app advertisements and seems to work offline. I reviewed the free version (as prompted by the publisher).

3 thoughts on “Bugaboo Flash Cards by Bugaboo Games

  1. This looks perfect for early-math learners! I like this bug much better than their other ones they have.

  2. I have to disagree with Violet. I think this could be great for early math learners of course but also older kids who need a refresher or who want an easy, but entertaining game.

  3. Jen, I really don’t understand why you always want to disagree with me, but sure, it would be fine for older kids too. Like maybe yourself.

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