Kids Sounds by Pyjamas Apps

Kids Sounds by Pyjamas Apps reminds me of Apple’s GarageBand. But instead of using instruments to make music, you touch items in the scene to make sounds. Some of the objects continue to play the sound after you stop touching them, which allows you and your kids to layer the sounds to create interesting patterns.

The app is beautifully illustrated, and the music that it creates wasn’t annoying (at least for me). My daughter had a great time playing with the two free scenes that come with the app. The in app store requires you to hold your touch over the store items to make it harder for younger kids to buy them accidentally (a nice touch). I really love the open-ended of the app. There is really no wrong way to play this app.

As for dislikes I only have one: I wish you could record, save, and send your music creations. Overall a great music educational app.

I tested the free version (as prompted by the publisher) on my full size iPad. It costs .99 cents to get all 6 scenes. I couldn’t find an Android version, it doesn’t have in app advertisement, and it works offline.

3 thoughts on “Kids Sounds by Pyjamas Apps

  1. I like this! I bet it would be a huge hit with added kid-friendly headphones – noisy toys are not a big thing in our house so it would be nice to have her able to enjoy it and me not have to hear it.

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