The Treehouse Express By ZuzusTheCat

The Treehouse Express by ZuzusTheCat is a activity/story book app. In the version that I reviewed only one story and one activity is available. But it seems that a second activity and a second story book are in the works (icons appear for both in the app).

The story book is about pirates stealing from each other (with an important lesson in the end). The illustrations (paintings) are quirky and beautiful. I loved the story, and the illustrations. The book is read out loud by a human voice and many of the pages have interactive items. I wish that all pages had interactive items, because my kids spent significant amount of time clicking on pages with none. I also didn’t like how the pages are turned. My daughter flipped the pages by accident on may occasions. The text is also not highlighted as the story is read.

The activity consists of three illustrated characters with swappable parts. All three of my kids loved this activity. I loved hearing their laughter as they swapped a girl arm for a bear arm.

The app is free. Even with all the little faults that I found, my children really enjoyed it. I even heard them laugh. An educational app that makes all three of my kids laugh out loud gets a 5 star rating every time.

The app is available in the Apple App store for Free. I couldn’t find an Android version. Works offline. No in app ads or store that I could find. I reviewed it (as prompted by the publisher) on my full size iPad.

3 thoughts on “The Treehouse Express By ZuzusTheCat

  1. This looks hysterical! I bet my kids would love it. And since we are part bear /part human, they will appreciate that it gives us the opportunity to celebrate our differences in a fun way!

  2. I like the illustrations. However, I am part pirate and not part bear, so I am a bit offended at this suggestion that all pirates are also bears. Bears are low animals- lower than monkeys! The only thing Pirates& Bears have in common is that they both love R’s! Pirates say Arrrrrr and bears say Grrrrrrr.

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