Grade K Math by Study Pad, Inc.

This is the second app from Study Pad, Inc we review. We reviewed the 3rd grade app before and this educational app is just as good.

As with the first app the illustrations, music, and animations are very well down. It also keeps track of multiple students (a great addition for houses or schools where not every student has an iPad).

I tried this app with my 5-year-old daughter. At least at her age and skill level it is not an app that I can give her and just walk away (slightly advance). But we did have a great time working through the problems. I think I will add it to her home school activities.

Overall a great app. It is available in the Apple App store for $9.99. I free version exists. The app does not need internet connection, and the full version does not have in-app advertisement or in-app store (except to promote their other apps). I reviewed it on my full size iPad, and it was provided for free by the publisher.

3 thoughts on “Grade K Math by Study Pad, Inc.

  1. I like how it can keep track of multiple students. That’s an important feature that could easily go overlooked.

  2. This actually looks really good. Is this what you were telling me about re. number-to-number recognition? I think T would like it as well& I love that it doesn’t require internet connection.

  3. I like this app as well. It would be great for my kids because I have so many I cannot keep up with them individually& this app would do it for me. Also I have a lot of kids (try Twelve.six) and they all have unique&different interests, so some could do counting& some could do geometry, or subtraction, and I could take a nap.

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