Zip-Zip’s 1st Vacation by Gregory Roumanis is a narrated story book for the Blackberry. Since most request we get here are to review iOS apps, I like receiving request for other platform (not that I dislike iOS apps).

I found it awkward that you had to click on an icon per page to have it narrated (usually the words are read as you flip the page). I also prefer if the words are highlighted as they are read (or at least the option to be able to do so). I have gone through the story a couple of times, and I am not sure why the bully gave up being a bully. Did he suddenly had a change of heart? The book is a great introduction to the topic of bullying for your young children. The book also has facts related to the insects in the story (a nice extra) with a link to the animal’s Wikipedia page.

Overall, a good story book for the Blackberry. Nice illustrations and sound effects. No in-app ads or in-app store. I look forward to other installments. I tested it (prompted by the publisher) on my Blackberry tablet. Available in the Blackberry Appworld for .99.

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