Spell, Write and Read by Ripple Digital Publishing.

As the title suggests, Spell, Write and Read by Ripple Digital Publishing is a spelling, and writing educational app. Each word is first presented as a puzzle outline. The child has to grab the letter and drop it on the correct outline. The letters are said as they are being dropped. After forming the entire word, the word is also pronounced. After completing this activity, the word is presented as a letter outline that needs to be traced.

The app is not cluttered. The graphics are great. The music and sound effects are not grading. And the words and letters are beautifully pronounced by a human voice.

As far as dislike, I wish you could buy all the other books at one time, an Android version existed, and that it allowed for tracking of progress for multiple children.

Overall a great app for your little ones to help them learn how to spell, pronounce and read some common english words (especially if you already using this type of methodology). Available only in the Apple App Store for the iPad and iPhone, I tested the free version (as prompted by the publisher) on a full size iPad.

The app works offline, does not have advertising but does have an easy to reach in-app store for the other collection of books.

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