Gartu in the Kindergarten by UPigames

Gartu in the Kindergarten is a 20 mini-activities education app designed for children 2-6 years old. I won’t be able to describe all the activities but some of them are reading, matching, and item does not belong. Apparently the app is a fresh translation of an online app designed by a private school in Spain.

There are many things to like about the app, especially the ability to switch the language for all the activities. Language included are english, spanish, german, italian and french. The fact that everything in the game switches over when you switch the language is great. Everything from the story to the singing switches over to the selected language. The images are professionally illustrated, and the music and sounds are also well done.

The next part of the review is mostly subjective. Please feel free to skip it and grab the free version available in the Apple App Store and make your own conclusions. For the ones that kept reading, the application doesn’t respond appropriately to touches by little kids. For example, Gartu sings at the start of every activity. It doesn’t matter where your child touches, he/she would be forced to listen to the entire song before proceeding. Another example is in an activity where your child has to pick up garbage and bring it to the garbage basket. Again while the app is giving the child accolades, it is impossible to click on any other piece of garbage. The entire app feels old, cluttered and not responsive enough (like an app version of a Barney’s episode).

Overall a decent game. The multiple languages almost single handily makes this app a good buy for $1.99 (full version), and the fact that you can try it out for free should make it an easy download for parents that are trying to teach their kids multiple languages.

The app has no in-app store, advertisements and works offline. I reviewed the full version (provided by the publisher).

4 thoughts on “Gartu in the Kindergarten by UPigames

  1. This looks educational but for some reason the Gartu character in those pics kind of weirds me out. Maybe it’s the eyes? Actually it’s definitely the eyes. Is he a frog?

  2. Awww. I can see my younger kids enjoying this but that Gartu illustrations is definitely a bit strange. Reminds me of the gecko on Gyko commercials.

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