Miko Wants a Dog by Auryn Apps

Although children paper books continue to sell well (and in my opinion they will always have a place), electronics story books continue to get better and better. Miko Wants a Dog is an extremely well done storybook.

The illustrations are beautiful, the story is sweet and the book is narrated by human voices. The app has the usual options: you can read it, allow the app to read it, and allow the app to turn the pages itself. The book also highlights the words as they are being read. It also has some not so typical options. Using the illustrations of the book, you can write and narrate your own story. The app is a great tool to teach children about story creation.

As for dislikes, I don’t really have any. Like many apps I review, I wish they would publish these books on Android.

Miko Wants a Dog is priced at $1.99 in the Apple App Store. At $1.99 the Miko Wants a Dog is a bargain, the paper version of this book is a few times more expensive. The publisher is giving away a book a day for the month of March. I would highly recommend visiting the Facebook page and picking up the free book/app every day for the rest of the month. I reviewed it on a full size IPad, and downloaded it on the free day.