Ladybug Number Count by Busy Brain Media

Ladybug Number Count by Roberta Da Re is a very good education app for younger kids. The main activity of the app is counting lady bugs. Either by taping each one to count them or by counting them and then selecting the number of lady bugs.

The lady bugs are cute painted rocks. They are stop motion animated in beautiful settings. They move slowly around the scene, and interact with other objects in the scene. The app should help with hand and eye co-ordination especially since the child will need to track and click a moving object.

Three languages are currently supported (spanish, french, and english). Not only are the lady bugs counted in the particular language, but the app uses full sentences fairly extensively. So instead of just saying “4 lady bugs”, it says “4 lady bugs are building a robot”. The speaking voice appears to be human (this distinction is getting harder and harder for me to discern) and native for the particular language.

As far as dislikes, I have none.

I reviewed the app (provided for free) on my full size iPad. The app is available on the Apple App Store for $ 0.99. No in-app store, no in-app ads and works offline.

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