T-Rex Toothbrush Timer by P Chu

T-Rex is a Toothbrush timer app. The app guides you through cleaning all the surfaces of your teeth in the 2 minutes. If you follow the on-screen instructions you would have brushed all the surfaces of your teeth.

The graphics are average and the sounds are ok and not too jarring. Most kids up to a certain again don’t brush all their surfaces and you will be surprised at the number of adults that don’t do it either (about 24% in a study I read). Adults and kids get the app (and a water proof case) and start learning how to correctly brush your teeth.

For what it is, I can find very few things wrong. I wish it would tell you verbally (in a human voice) to switch and what surface of the teeth you should be brushing. But that is probably already planed for version 2.

SmartKidsApps.org reviewed the full version provided by the publisher for free. Available for IOS devices in the Apple App Store. No in-app ads or store. No Android version was found.

3 thoughts on “T-Rex Toothbrush Timer by P Chu

  1. This really is genius. I’ve been trying to teach my kids this but with a lot less fun.

    Also brilliant blog idea. I’ll be sharing it with my friends.

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